Adorable Warthog Piglets

Posted by Michelle on Wed October 7, 2020.

A Warthog mommy has given birth at La Kruger Lifestyle Lodge for the third consecutive year. Mommy came to show us her new born piglets.

La Kruger  welcomed not one, not two, but three adorable baby warthog piglets recently .They looked about 4-7 days old, still very small playful and fluffy. Made famous through the unforgettable character, "Pumba," in Disney's hit movie, 'The Lion King,' the African warthog has become an extremely popular animal. Here in Marloth Park, you will see them on a regular basis. They are very common in this location and love to be the center of attention. Warthogs may look like a placid and caressible animal but they are just the opposite and can be extremely dangerous. Warthogs have sharp tusks and hooves which they use to defend themselves.

Mother Warthogs are very protective of their new born, going to great lengths to protect their babies. Hence why we were very fortuitous to come in such close proximation. It seems that the Sow now feels that they have a safe haven here and that no harm will come to them. They stayed here for a few days before venturing on again. We hope to see you again next year Mommy Warthog.


SCIENTIFIC NAME: Phacochoerus africanus

TYPE: Mammals

DIET: Herbivore



SIZE: Height at shoulder: 30 inches

WEIGHT: 120 to 250 pounds