Sunrise Surprise!

Posted by Cheryl on Sat October 17, 2020.

Lion Sighting On Crocodile Bridge - Kruger National Park

An early start at 03:00 am in the morning is an early time to get up for a safari. After a hot cup coffee and a quick shower, we headed off with William our guide to the Crocodile Bridge Gate for our much anticipated Sunrise Drive. 

Jitters and small talk filled the transfer vehicle. Suddenly we stopped on the Crocodile Bridge gate. The most amazing sighting forced us into reverse gear. Three lions (two young males & one female) were wondering down the bridge in our direction (as caught via the dash cam).

The female then jumped down from the bridge on the waters edge, where to our bewilderment she began to eat (what we suspect was breakfast) on an Impala which  they had recently caught and killed. 

It was an incredible experience and just the most purrrrfect way (excuse the pun) to start the excursion. We had many more wonderful sightings, including a honey badger that we followed and who was following a honey guide bird which lead him to the honey breakfast.

A perfect morning ended with us having the most delicious breakfast feast (which was most welcome having seen all the animals eat theirs) upon return to La Kruger Lifestyle Lodge. We definitely recommend the early start for the sunrise drive, it is well worth it and you won't be disappointed.